I am ANDYMKOSI, a creative entrepreneur whose work reflects and interprets life as it exists. Through my photography, I explore and understand my own lived experience as a black woman from the township and present my observations with sincerity. I taught myself various digital media skillsets and later took a course on documentary photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg to improve my skills.

I enjoy working with fellow creatives and documenting their journey for archival purposes. I have had the pleasure of spending time with and documenting some of South Africa's finest talents, including Zoe Modiga, Thesis ZA, Neo Muyanga, Lira, Lefifi Tladi, and more. My services have been rendered across various industries, organizations, publications, and individuals, such as Puma SA, Standard Bank, The Forge, African Centre For Cities, ADOBE, Mail & Guardian, Newframe, Primedia Broadcasting, and Branson Centre.

I was assigned as a documenter for musician Nakhane's homecoming after not performing on South African stages for two years. One of my photographs was used as a cover for Koleka Putuma's poetry anthology, Collective Amnesia, in 2017, and it has since become iconic. I have exhibited my work alongside award-winning photographer Neo Ntsoma, and together we produced a group exhibition titled Inequality: A Different Picture, which was shown in Cape Town’s Company Gardens and Johannesburg’s Constitutional Hill during Human Rights Day 2019.

I also produce an award-nominated visual arts podcast called This Audio is Visual, alongside filmmaker and writer Tseliso Monaheng. We engage visual artists across Africa and the Diaspora and were nominated by the African Podcast and Voice Awards for 2022 under the Arts category. In addition, I curate musical experiences such as The Bedroom Tour, an intimate musical experience that takes place in the homes of our fans and family members. In 2020, I launched Queer Audio is Visual, a project that aims to make visible the visual arts in the Queer community of South Africa.

I am always looking for new creative opportunities, so let's connect and make more beautiful things together. Sho! All rights reserved.

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