For 8 years, I've immersed myself in the vibrant music scenes of Cape Town and Johannesburg, passionately playing and jamming alongside various bands. As the journey unfolds, I'm thrilled to announce the culmination of this musical odyssey. On August 18th 2023, a project close to my heart, recorded in collaboration with an exceptional band, finally saw the light of day. This endeavor takes me back to where it all began – the very first band that welcomed me into the live scene of Cape Town. Their energy and creativity have left an indelible mark on my musical growth.  

Piano: Nkosinathi Matomela
Bass Guitar: Prince Mafu
Raps and Jokes: ANDYMKOSI (haha)
Engineer: Luke Langston
Mixing and Mastering: Luke Langston
On September 16th, I hosted a show at The Forge in Braamfontein, featuring music directed by Saxophonist and Cultural Practitioner, Athi Ngcaba. This event was made possible with support from The Prince Claus Seed Award. The live band, led by Athi, showcased the talents of pianist Alex. Audience members were required to RSVP to attend the show in the basement at The Forge.

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