A red and white fenced house on Albermarle Street, Kensington, forms part of a gateway to Beauty Moiteelaasilo’s house.
“I don’t have a lot friends in Kensington. I particularly moved to this area with my family to avoid conflict, [and to] be far away from inquisitive neighbors in the township,” says Beauty about the area she currently lives in.
She says that people often feel entitled to knowing intimate details about the lives of others, especially in the township. Moiteelaasilo was born in 1957 in Dube, Soweto. Ma’Beauty's biological mother died when she was only three months old, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother. Quiet and very reserved, she treats everyone around her as equals, a beauty you cannot overlook upon meeting the 60 year old.

“Ulona is my daughter's first born, she is here because it's school holidays currently,” she says, pointing out to little Oratile, who is pushing her toy pieces on the kitchen floor.

Ma’Beauty and her late husband, Charles Moiteelaasilo, have three children; two daughters, and a son.The couple met in their early twenties, and had been married for the past 38 years when he passed on.

Ma’Beauty and her late husband, Charles Moiteelaasilo, have 3 children two daughters and a son.The couple met in their early twenties and have been married for the past 38 years.
“My husband passed on last year, he had diabetes. During his last days I wanted to bring him home, Kensington, so that he could pass in the comfort of our house. But I realised how much trauma that would bring me and decided against it.”

At the moment Ma’Beauty is a housewife in mourning. She retired from a company called MS Repo, and isn't allowed to partake in much during the 8-month long period . However, Beauty says she finds joy in being a pillar for others , on school holidays she takes care of her grand children and plays a huge mother role for her tenants.
She spends her days reading the Bible, taking care of her family, and tending to her fellow church members every Sunday. She will be taking off the black clothing she currently wears to mourn the death of her husband on the 3rd of August. The ceremony will take place in the early hours of the morning, at an open field which will be chosen by her son.

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