Leonora Vundla is a Zimbawean born fashion stylist now based in Johannesburg. Her boutique store, Trendy Furbish is located on second avenue in Melville. Where she works with a team of three seamstresses. When asked about being a foreign national navigating the fashion industry of South Africa, Leonora says she works with people who are able to choose talent over xenophobic opinions.  

“South Africa is the land of glitz, glamor and trends. Being here is working out really well. The growth is fast paced. My designs are for the confident, daring, bold and fashion statement makers”

Full of life and laughter, when Leonora enters a space, it beams with her kindness. Hers is a story of finding her own tribe. Her message to young girls is encouragement for them to rise beyond their circumstances and to those who have an inkling for fashion, Leonora advises them “To be bold, be you, make a statement, and follow your passion. You won’t wake up to be an A List designer but you have to start”

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