I am always lucky enough to access spaces that are sacred or dear to people.My aunt recently invited me to attend a ceremony at her church where they were going to be robed into 'womanhood' (for lack of a better word - isiXhosa asitolikwa) within the church community.This is where these images were made.
I asked my aunt for an explanation regarding this ceremony this was her explanation :
"First unxiba black n white as umakoti waiting to be married to God, then u wait for six months wearing that black n white, while u waiting u attend classes where u are being taught abt the journey to become a woman of God.Then when time is right and ur elder reports to the church council that u r ready to crossover, then kubako laceremony u saw on thursday, whereby all the elders of the church witness and u take an oath that u will serve God wholeheartedly"

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